White GloveThe Extra Touch--Always

Just as the name implies, White Glove service is that extra special care given, the extra attention paid in our service to customers that makes them smile. It’s getting indulged without the price tag, receiving a valet’s regard without the manservant, getting treated the way everyone loves.


Gofetch.com's White Glove care is an integral feature of every one of our services. When a courier delivers your document, package or other articles, he or she certifies that it is in the condition in which it was received, that it reaches the recipient and, in lieu of that, that a signature is obtained from the person accepting it. To complete the order, the courier files a Proof of Delivery immediately, which then becomes available online for the customer's review.


Our warehousing, distribution and fulfillment staff, hired for their aptitudes for details, scrupulous data entry and remarkable organization, applies our White Glove service to all inventory identification and control, product packaging, and shipping. In other words, they meticulously note on computerized files, all inventory changes so that customers have up-to-date numbers on stored items. Shipments are professionally packaged and sent according to the client’s precise instructions. All activities are computer documented for reference by Gofetch.com staff and their customers.


The White Glove service by Gofetch.com adds a new dimension to personal customer care. We’re sure it will make you smile.


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