Pet TransportationTrust Your Loving Friends to Us recognizes the qualms people have when moving live animals, especially much-loved family pets. Putting those qualms to rest begins with providing our customers with an animal-only dedicated courier to transport their ‘precious cargo.’


Our pet transport specialists bring animal-sensitive sensibilities to their work. When making deliverier our attentive 'care' drivers:

  • Closely monitor the pet(s) during transport
  • Provide comforting interaction
  • Note any unusual behavior, agitation, or lethargy exhibited and call Operations for help or special instructions
  • Provide periods of rest, exercise and “bathroom” breaks.


Oftentimes, entire pet "families” must be moved together. In those cases, provides a comfortable-sized vehicle, along with two couriers to ensure adequate personal attention and care.'s pet transportation methods make your pet’s trip safer and comfortable. For example:

  • The use of air-conditioned and heated vehicles provide a healthy, pleasant environment.
  • Well-planned delivery times reduce travel-time stress and separation anxieties.
  • Transporting individual or families of pets eliminates the risks of contagious diseases.
  • 24/7 access to live dispatchers and operations managers ensure continued tracking of your pet's progress.


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