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In recognition of the Medical and Healthcare communities' unique shipping activities,, in its first few years, created a separate branch of specially trained couriers to serve those clients. The couriers received training in: HIPAA and OSHA policies, the handling of lab and blood specimens, the use of spill kits and dry ice and the irrefutable adherence to deadlines regarding all organ transplants, pharmaceuticals and medical records and equipment.

These medical transport specialists have ongoing communication with the Operations and Dispatch staff which keeps the client abreast of the delivery progress and any problems that arise. This level of communication involving clients allows them to intervene, address and advise on unforeseen difficulties,  precluding delays and mishaps encountered by the courier.  

Mindful of deadlines, product sensitivity, industry regulations and the serious nature of our clients' profession, is regarded as one of the premiere transportation services for healthcare.  For a customized Medical Transportation program, email:   


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