RetailThe Retail Shippers' Choice has been serving the country’s retailers for almost a decade with a 99% level of on-time performance. Our industry expertise is rooted in our explicit understanding of the seasonal nature of the retail business and its compulsory deadlines, as well as fluctuations in consumer demands, and the challenges presented by global supply chains.

Our adherence to the delivery timeliness of retailers’ shipments is accomplished through independently tailored programs focusing on four key points:

Time-efficient routes (for multiple stops)

Cost-saving routes

Most suitable vehicles, including those with lift gates

Scheduling/Delivery flexibility

Other areas of concentration for our retail customers include: 

  • Specialized handling of unique product shipments
  • Logistics Service Support
  • Both Curbside and Carry-in Delivery
  • White Glove Program
  • Customer-friendly online ordering and tracking technology
  • 24/7 access to live personnel


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