Local DeliveriesFamiliarity Pays Off

Some transportation services do not distinguish between local and regional deliveries, but we do at Gofetch.com. There are major requirements and factors that differentiate the two categories and alter the way deliveries are done and by whom.


At Gofetch.com all local deliveries are handled by designated drivers. These couriers are familiar with their city's large office buildings, the security restrictions imposed and the protocols required for entrance. Such knowledge enables them to expedite deliveries much quicker and more efficiently than couriers with limited experience.


Additionally, by concentrating in specific areas, these drivers acquire valuable knowledge of the city’s byways, enhancing their ability to navigate the quickest, least congested route.


Finally, given that many city-specific deliveries are destined for professional locales, the Gofetch.com designated drivers are a polished group both in appearance and in demeanor representing our customers in a positive manner.


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