FinancialRespecting the Clock

For those in Finance and Banking, the clock is akin to a god, to be obeyed, worshipped and feared.  That is no less true at, shippers for the financiers and bankers of the country. 

We know that the products issued by the financial and banking communities are extremely time sensitive made up of such items as employee checks, institutional deposits, commercial transactions and wealth management documents. We also know that many of these products are of an information-sensitive nature and require special handling.

To guarantee that deadlines are met and that sensitive materials are handled properly and professionally, implemented the following:


  • Route Optimization Program--designing route that are cost- and time-effective  
  • Driver background and criminal checks
  • Banking and financial delivery training for drivers
  • Driver identification badges
  • Confirmation of vehicle registration and insurance


Other company components that contribute to the expediting and completion of time-critical deliveries include:


  • 24/7 access to live personnel
  • Customer-friendly online tracking and monitoring
  • Immediate Proof of Delivery upon completion


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